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A motor vehicle is a machine which incorporates a motor (sometimes known as an engine), and which is used for transportation. The internal combustion engine is the most common motor choice, although electric motors or other types are sometimes used. Land vehicles are usually equipped with wheels, and usually operate on roads.

Automobile safety is the avoidance of automobile accidents or the minimization of harmful effects of accidents, in particular as pertaining to human life and health. Numerous safety features have been built into cars for years, some for the safety of car's occupants only, some for the safety of others. is an automobile directory where you can find automobile information and related links to auto technology, car repair, car accessories, car dealers, car racing, car clubs, auto shows, car magazines, automotive shop, auto racing, driving schools, car museums, car manufacturers, electric vehicle, new cars, car prices, automotive insurance, car rentals, automotive safety, automotive information, vintage cars, antique cars, auto websites and more.

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